GP & Paramedical Solutions

We offer general practitioners and paramedics efficient diagnostic and therapeutic solutions so that they are able to increase their professionalism and focus fully on their patients. In addition to the wide range of instruments and consumables, Arseus Medical also supports general practitioners and paramedics with infrastructure and medical resources for an efficient and up-to-date practice.

Our companies active in this field:

Arseus Medical nv - Arseus Hospital nv - Keiser bv


  • Light diagnostics 
  • Cardiovascular diagnostics 
  • Body measurement 
  • Laboratory applications


  • Skin 
  • Nose-throat-ear airways 
  • Vascular disorders


  • (Para)medical cabinet
  • Waiting room

Medical consumables

  • Instruments
  • Wound care
  • Injection material
  • Hygiene & desinfection products
  • Personal Protection Equipment

Physiotherapy & rehabilitation

  • Functional and analytical rehabilitation 
  • Cognitive & visual training 
  • Physiotechnique & hydromassage 
  • Treatment tables
  •  Fitness equipment

Some of our exclusive brands