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Your partner in medical solutions

Arseus Medical Group is one of the leading medical distributors in the BeNeLux offering a wide range of products from leading suppliers to very diversified customer groups. We offer the intensive care, cardiology, pneumology, vascular, neurology and rehabilitation departments, as well as specialized doctors, GPs, residential care centers and home care institutions.

The Group consists out of following companies

Our mission & vision
Every day, the 160 employees of Arseus Medical Group are committed to giving concrete form to a strong commitment: "Together strong in patient care." An inspiring mission to help build a better care environment together with healthcare providers. Because the well-being of the patient and the population are central to them. They continuously strive for solutions that add value to both parties, based on mutual trust and long-term cooperation.

At Arseus Medical Group we want to be more than just a distributor. We want to be a partner that can offer high-quality services in various domains. In addition to our sales teams that develop "tailor-made" and global solutions for customers, Arseus Medical Group also has its own technical service where our technicians are available 24/7 for installations, maintenance and repairs if necessary.

With strong brands, exclusive distribution agreements and high added value, Arseus Medical Group is the partner that offers innovative solutions to all professionals within the healthcare sector.

€ 60M+ 

Revenue 2021


Customer base




Exclusive distributions



Our Shareholders

Arseus Medical Group is in hands of 3 shareholders


  • Walter Raes - CEO
  • Luc Van fraeyenhoven - CFO
  • Frederik Struys - COO

Our Values

Through our meaningful values we want to make clear how we want to work and interact at Arseus Medical Group. It stands for how we speak to our customers and our colleagues and help each other day in and day out.


The relationship with our customers is central. Their vision is our starting point. Together we develop efficient solutions that are useful for the patient


Transparent, honest and loyal. For us a word is a word. Our communication is open and honest. Meeting agreements is a matter of course. Both with colleagues, partners and customers.


People and their health in all phases of life, that inspires and motivates us. General patient well-being drives us. Our job is a passion. We share this ambition with healthcare providers to ensure better and more efficient healthcare.


Every day we build a lasting relationship of trust with our colleagues, partners and customers. By reducing our ecological footprint, we ensure a more sustainable society. Because health and the environment have the same perspective: our future.


A world that is constantly changing requires flexibility. Dare to think and act differently. Keep up-to-date, proactively respond with innovative solutions and apply them immediately. Because tomorrow starts today.

Arseus Medical Group is growing ...

Over the past five years, Arseus Medical Group has had a growing presence in the private and public health market with various acquisitions. Today the group has a turnover of > 60M, there are 160 employees and we are present at 7 different locations in Belgium and the Netherlands, with Bornem as headquarter.

July '17

Gimv acquired a majority shareholder interest of 60.0% in Medcare Partners NV (holding above Arseus Medical) specialized in medical consumables and equipment.

June '17

(100%) aquisition of Axamed (care consumables) & Medeios (wheelchair sales and renting).

June '18

(100%) Acquisition of Laméris Group NV, distributor of critical care, point-of-care, diagnostics products to hospitals, and equipment for care home centers and rehabilitation centers

Sept '18

(100%) Acquisition of eXmedical B.V. and eXmedical GmbH, companies selling material for orthopedic surgery focusing on hand and foot implants.

Nov '20

(88%) Acquisition of BlooMEDical, a distributor of various medical, aesthetic and cosmetic aids in the BeNeLux mainly focusing on breast implants and aesthetic lasers.

July '21

(75%) Acquisition of Keiser B.V and Keiser GmbH, a distributor of high-end fitness products and fitness equipment

Nov '21

(100%) Acquisition of Heart Medical Europe B.V. and Gerrit van Wageningen, a distributor of products in the field of interventional (pediatric) cardiology, interventional radiology and cardio thoracic surgery in the BeNeLux.

Key focus on
MDR, ISO & GDPR compliance

ISO9001:2015 & ISO13485:2016 certified